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    Change of address: Welcome to Solteq’s brand-new office in Wroclaw

    Solteq’s team in Poland has moved to a new location. The new office offers both a perfect location and more space.

    As a growing company we decided to search for a bigger and better working space for our employees in Wroclaw. In the beginning of March 2018 Solteq's Polish office was officially moved to Piłsudskiego Street.

    The new office is situated in the heart of the city, just next to the Wroclaw’s main railway station. Besides the perfect location the space is twice as big as the previous one. There is plenty of space for Solteqians and all our future colleagues – we are continuously looking for talented IT professionals to join us.

    Before moving in, the whole office space was renovated in a modern and very Scandinavian way. The goal was to respond to IT professionals’ needs to make everyday life easier and more convenient.

    So if you are planning to visit us or send us something nice, please remember that our address is:

    Piłsudskiego Street no. 101 (1st floor)
    50-016 Wrocław

    Working space, Staff