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    Pharmacy sector entrusts Solteq to lead a deep dive into digitalization

    The Swedish pharmacy sector is investing heavily in digitalizing its’ core operations, omnichannel sales and customer services. The demand for modern IT ecosystems is driven by the national, e-health standards and the need to unify IT system architecture, streamline business operations, optimize cost structure and meet the modern customer needs.

    Digital services, such as Click & Collect features, loyalty programs, and a mobile user-interface are among the digital services, pharmacies are increasingly interested in. In order to meet the modern customer needs, many Swedish pharmacies are launching projects to renew their enterprise resource planning, point-of-sale systems and e-commerce platforms.

    Apoteksgruppen is amongst the most recent Swedish pharmacies taking a deep dive into digitalization. Apoteksgruppen has selected the Nordic IT service and software solutions provider, Solteq Plc, to deliver a unified commerce software platform connecting enterprise resource planning to point-of-sale and pharmacy operations. The digital journey started in August 2020 is expected to enhance the efficiency of omnichannel operations and enable a smoothly flowing, more effortless and less time-consuming customer experience.

    “Connecting the physical pharmacy business to a stronger online presence and e-commerce creates an enormous opportunity for Apoteksgruppen. As a traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacy we needed to accelerate the digitalization of our business and the merge of the two sales channels. This enables us to meet our customers’ needs in a better and more efficient way,” explains Head of IT Tina Jalap, Apoteksgruppen.

    Specialized in the pharmacy sector specific IT solutions, Solteq is reaching a significant market position in the Nordics with hundreds of pharmacies adopting new technologies provided by the company during this year alone.

    “Our profound understanding of industry-specific solutions allows us to provide well-suited services for customers, such as Apoteksgruppen and Apotek1 in Norway. Solteq is an entrusted partner for many pharmacy customers across the Nordics. We are pleased to be part of the development within the pharmacy industry,” concludes Director Jukka Väisänen, Operations / Solteq Digital.

    Additional information:

    Director Jukka Väisänen
    Operations / Solteq Digital
    Tel: +358 504097631

    Solteq in brief:

    Solteq is a Nordic provider of IT services and software solutions specializing in the digitalization of business and industry-specific software. Key sectors in which the company has long experience include retail, industry, energy and services. The company operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the UK, and employs 600 IT professionals.

    Apoteksgruppen in brief:

    Apoteksgruppen is part of the international group of pharmacies, Euroapotheca, which is one of the biggest pharmacy chains in Northern Europe with more than 3 800 employees and 670 pharmacies.  Apoteksgruppen has 195 pharmacies located all over Sweden and 40 of them are franchise-based. The company’s mission is to enhance the customers’ wellbeing throughout their lives and based on their preconditions. With knowledge, quality, health services and caring products Apoteksgruppen strives to make a real difference.