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    Isomäki Areena looks to the future: New point of sale system from Solteq

    By the end of the year, Isomäki Areena of Pori will introduce a new, cloud-based point of sale system to increase the efficiency of its customer service, sales and marketing. Isomäki Areena chose Solteq Plc, a Nordic provider of IT software and expert services, as the supplier of the new point of sale system.

    Solteq Cloud POS is specially designed to meet customer service and sales needs in the service industries. For Isomäki Areena's customers, the renewal will have tangible benefits, such as shorter queuing times, a more customized product range, and smoother transactions. For the management of the event arena, real-time data will enable e.g. the optimization of their product range and human resources, a more accurate inventory process, and a real-time view of their financials. 

    “Despite what has been a challenging year for the event industry, we wanted to invest in developing Isomäki Areena by renewing our point of sale system. It is clear that the investment will lead to significant results in terms of future sales and customer experience,” concludes Arena Manager Niklas Ikonen of Isomäki Areena. 

    Solteq Cloud POS was launched in 2019 as the ‘new generation of point of sale systems’. The solution is the result of Solteq's own product development:

    “Solteq Cloud POS — a cloud-based point of sale system — supports sales in a multi-channel environment and is a perfect fit with the needs of various customer businesses. Our strength is our continuously evolving system that supports a wide range of terminals, from mobile devices to self-service kiosks. We are delighted to be involved in developing Isomäki Areena and realizing the latest digital capabilities,” sums up CEO Olli Väätäinen of Solteq Plc.