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    Solteq to adjust production and cost structure

    Solteq Plc Stock Exchange Bulletin 2.10.2014 at 3 pm

    Solteq Plc aims to adjust its production and cost structure on the segments in which the need of man-work has decreased due to technological improvement and changes in market demand.

    In consequence Solteq Plc will start co-operation negotiations concerning the termination of 20 employments at the most and temporary layoffs maximum of 20 persons on production and economic basis. The co-operation negotiations involve about one third of company’s personnel.

    The production structure is altered to be more flexible and to better match company’s view on the development of the customer market. At the same time company aims to grow and invest on its strategic growth areas in retail business sector.

    Company does not expect the negotiations to have impact on previous revenue and financial result estimates for the current year.


    Further information:

    CEO, Repe Harmanen
    Tel. 0400 467 717

    CFO, Antti Kärkkäinen
    Tel. 040 8444 393


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