Solteq Plc’s Annual Report and financial statements 2019 have been published

Solteq Plc, Stock Exchange Bulletin, 27.3.2020 at 8.00 am

Solteq Plc’s Annual Report 2019 and Financial Statements for the accounting period 1 January – 31 December 2019 have been published in English and Finnish.

The Annual Report consists of Annual Review 2019 and Financial Review 2019. Statement of Non-Financial Information is included in the Annual Review. The Financial review includes Corporate Governance Statement, Report of the Board of Directors, Key Figures and Financial Statements.

The Annual Report is available on the company’s website: https://investors.solteq.com/en/investors/.

It is also attached to this stock exchange bulletin.


Solteq Plc’s Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019


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