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    Solteq Plc publishes its 2016 annual report and financial statements

    Solteq Plc  Stock Exchange Bulletin 17.2.2017 at 8.00 am


    Solteq's annual report 2016 and financial statements for the accounting period 1 January-31 December 2016 have been published in English and Finnish.

    The annual report consists of the Annual review 2016 and the Financial review 2016. The financial review includes the Board of Directors' report, the financial statements, the auditors' report and the corporate governance statement.

    The annual report is available from the company website It can also be found as appendix of this bulletin.


    Solteq Plc. Annual Report and Financial Statement 2016

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    Antti Kärkkäinen, CFO
    tel. +358 40 8444 393

    Kirsi Jalasaho, VP, IR & Marketing,
    tel +358 400 618 415


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    Solteq in brief

    Solteq is an expert in digital commerce. We deliver comprehensive solutions for digital commerce under one roof: from back-office processes to customer experience ­­– from supply chain management to online marketing. We have the passion to deliver the unexpected – in a fast-changing world our customers need a partner who can deliver today what they need tomorrow. We employ ca. 500 experts in three different countries and we make deliveries to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.