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    Solteq expands to Denmark and Norway through corporate acquisition: launches cloud service to offer unprecedented data on website visitor behaviour

    Solteq Plc has agreed to purchase the stock of TM United A/S (Theilgaard Mortenssen). The acquisition allows Solteq to expand to the Danish market and open an office in Norway.  

    The Theilgaard Mortensen solutions are focused on digital transactions and the optimisation of the online customer experience. After the sale, Solteq will be offering the Deep Vision cloud service for its customers – the service is used to determine why online sale targets, i.e. conversions, are not being realised.  

    “The Deep Vision service is essential for modern website providers: it offers data on why site visitors do not engage in the desired behaviour. The service provides unprecedented insight into electronic business and allows the practices that lead to the desired outcome to be enhanced. Companies can use the service to better understand the behaviour of the visitors to their website,” says Olli Väätäinen, CEO of Solteq Plc.  

    The Theilgaard Mortenssen and Solteq digital commerce solutions are based on the same technology and expertise. The acquisition will hence increase Solteq's delivery capacity to its existing customers, as well as the Danish and Norwegian B2B and B2C customers introduced by the acquisition. 

    "This acquisition will distinguish us among the Nordic digital players" 

    Väätäinen describes the acquisition as a significant step in internationalisation that will make Solteq a truly Nordic operator. The company estimates that about one fifth of the coming year's net sales will come from outside Finland. 

    "This acquisition will distinguish us among Nordic digital players, complementing our electronic transaction solutions. Going forward, we will be the premier online service developer who can implement services with superior usability and fix existing defects," says Väätäinen.   

    Solteq has collaborated with Theilgaard Mortenssen for many years. The companies share similar objectives of creating added value for customers in the digital age. 

    “We have sought growth in the Nordic countries and possibly Europe for a long time. We believe that this can be best achieved together with Solteq as a bigger company. This new arrangement will make it possible for us to better serve our customers' demand with a wider selection of services,” says Kim Theilgaard, CEO of TM.  

    Solteq in Brief

    Solteq is a Nordic IT provider and software house that specialises in digital customer engagement. Our mission is to simplify the digital world to make better tomorrow. We are a partner who knows how to turn the digital disruption for the benefit of our customer. Our over 500 experts, who work in three countries, develop and implement solutions for clients in Nordic countries as well as Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. In 2016, Solteq’s net sales amounted to 63 million euro.

    TM United A/S in Brief

    TM (former Theilgaard Mortensen) was founded in 1999 based on values like quality and professionalism through which we have become one of the Nordics’ leading experts in e-commerce and online customer experience based on IBM’s platforms. By developing webshops that attract visitors and turn them into customers, we have helped a range of B2C and B2B companies in the Nordic market increasing revenues and building stronger brands. Our headquarters is in Copenhagen, and we have employees in Norway, Sweden, UK and Spain which makes us able to cover the most of Europe in order to work with our customers where they might operate.