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    Share repurchase 10.11.2014

    Solteq   Plc      Stock Exchange Release 10.11.2014
    SHARE REPURCHASE 10.11.2014
    In the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
    Trade date          10.11.2014
    Bourse trade        Buy
    Share                  STQ1V
    Amount            350 Shares
    Total cost            521,50 EUR
    Average price/ share    1,4900 EUR
    Highest price/ share    1,49 EUR
    Lowest price/ share    1,49 EUR
    Solteq   now holds a total of 91.522 shares
    including   the shares repurchased on 10.11.2014
    On behalf of Solteq Plc
    Nordea Bank Finland Plc
    Janne Sarvikivi          Julius Summanen