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    The newest step in Nordic expansion – Solteq acquires Swedish Aponsa AB

    Solteq Plc Stock Exchange Bulletin 25.10.2016 at 8.01 am

    Solteq has acquired the entire share capital of Swedish Aponsa AB. The acquisition executes the strategy focusing on digital commerce and international growth that Solteq announced earlier this year. Taken the acquired Aponsa into account, there is now about 30 digital commerce experts in Solteq in Sweden, and even stronger expertise of retail business and LS Retail technology than before.

    Aponsa AB is located in Stockholm and in Karlstad. In addition to Swedish operations, Aponsa AB has fully owned subsidiary in Riga, Latvia, that focuses on subcontracting. There are 20 people working in Aponsa AB and personnel is highly focused on Microsoft Navision and LS Retail technologies. Revenue of Aponsa AB was approximately 2.2 m€ and operating profit about 3 % on latest accounting period (unaudited). The company has significant customers such as Colorama, Makeup Store, Indiska and Apoteksgruppen Sverige AB.

    Purchase price and payment

    The purchase price (Enterprise Value, EV) is approximately EUR 1.13 million. The sellers were paid 60 % by directed share issue and 40 % by cash upon closing. Approximately 0.63 million euro (369.884 shares) are paid by company’s own shares upon the authorization that the General Meeting has given to the Board of Directors on March 16th, 2016, and the remaining 0.50 million euro by cash. The subscription price is 1.70 eur / share and it has been determined by using the weighted average exchange rate of 1.-30.9.2016.

    Mutual will to expand in the field of Nordic digital commerce

    Thus Aponsa key personnel, as the new owners of Solteq, are committed promoters of digital commerce in Nordic market. They will also have key roles in Solteq Sweden. The will to conquer the Nordic digital commerce market is mutual.

    - We have been partners in Sweden for a while, and I am very pleased that we made the deal. The competences that Aponsa-people have, are very important for us when providing the digital commerce solutions in Nordic. The acquisition speeds up and smooths our Nordic expansion, says Solteq CEO Repe Harmanen.

    - We believe in our mutual strategy. Fusion with Solteq is an excellent opportunity for us to accelerate our growth in Swedish market. We are excited and very committed to be part of the journey of making Solteq the smallest global digital commerce provider. The fusion brings new superior opportunities for our clients and personnel, comments Aponsa AB CEO Mikael Sjöqvist.

    Aponsa AB key figures

    Aponsa's key figures in financial periods of July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 (audited) and July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 (unaudited), according to the Swedish, book-keeping standards were as follows (EUR thousand):

    P/L (Swedish book-keeping standards)

    (TEUR) 1.7.2015–30.6.2016 1.7.2014–30.6.2015
    Revenue 2 219 1 790
    Operating profit 63 -21
    Net result 59 -25

    Balance Sheet (Swedish book-keeping standards)

    (TEUR) 1.7.2015–30.6.2016 1.7.2014–30.6.2015
    Current assets 48 45
    Receivables and non-current assets 425 331
    Total 473 376
    Equity 149 90
    Liablities 325 287
    Total 473 376
    The exchange rate used above: 1 eur = 9,6210 Swedish kroner.

    Profit guidance

    Solteq Plc. makes no changes to profit guidance due to the acquisition. Solteq Group’s revenue is expected to grow significantly compared to financial year 2015. The operating result and the operating result before non-recurring items are expected to grow compared to financial year 2015 as well.

    Additional information

    Repe Harmanen, CEO Solteq Oyj
    tel. +358 400 467 717

    Mikael Sjöqvist. CEO Aponsa AB
    tel +46 70 75 75 145

    Briefing for media and investors

    The media and investor briefing for the acquisition and interim report of 1.1.-30.9.2016 will be broadcasted on Periscope October 25th, 2016 at 13.00 on channel @SolteqTweets. The briefing will be recorded and can be accessed on the Solteq’s website later on the same day.

    The online-briefing will also be broadcasted at the same time at Solteq Facebook as live-video.


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    Solteq in Brief

    Solteq is a digital commerce expert that provides you with integrated total solutions for multichannel commerce: from back office processes all the way to the purchasing experience of the customer – from supply chain management to digital marketing. Our passion is to deliver the unexpected to our clients – in the fast changing world, you need a partner that can deliver today what you will need tomorrow. We employ about 500 experts in three countries and make deliveries to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Our net sales amounted to 54 million euros in 2015.

    Aponsa in Brief

    Aponsa focuses on developing the retail sector with technology being one of the tools. Aponsa helps it clients to develop their long-term profitability. Therefore also long and deep relationships with our customers are important to us. Our staff of ca. 20 experts in Sweden and Latvia have extensive experience in retail and technology. Our revenue is approximately 2,2 million euro.