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    Directed share issue to personnel of Solteq Plc has ended – roughly half of the Solteqians to become shareholders

    Solteq Plc Stock Exchange Bulletin 26.1.2017 at 9.05 am 

    The Board of Directors of Solteq Plc decided on 5 December 2016 to arrange a share issue directed to the Group’s personnel and to persons who have temporary agency employment with a company belonging to the Group. A maximum total of 500,000 new shares in the company were offered for subscription. A person entitled to subscription was allowed to subscribe for 600 shares at the price of EUR 0.82 per share. The subscription price for shares subscribed after the first 600 shares was EUR 1.48 per share. The share subscription period ended on 30 December 2016.

    A total of 228 share subscriptions were approved in the share issue. The Board of Directors approved subscriptions of 205,576 new shares, corresponding to 214,923 euros in total. Shares subscribed in the share issue represent a total of 1.14 percent of the company’s shares and votes of the shares.

    -The interest, the share issue raised among the Solteqians, is to me a signal of confidence to the company and to the growth path we have chosen to take. We have now new owners that are experts in the field of digital commerce in Finland, Sweden and Poland, rejoices Mr Repe Harmanen, CEO.

    The new shares are expected to be entered into the Trade Register and applied for public trading in February 2017. The number of the company’s shares will increase by 205,576 shares to 18,003,635 shares. Payments of subscriptions will be fully credited to the reserve for the company’s invested unrestricted equity.

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