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    CEO of Solteq Plc to change

    Solteq Plc Stock Exchange Bulletin 17.2.2017 at 8.00 am

    Solteq’s Board of Directors has appointed Olli Väätäinen, Chief Executive Officer of the company as of April 1st, 2017. Väätäinen has been a member of Solteq’s Board of Directors since 2015 and he will continue in this role until the General Meeting. Olli Väätäinen (Master of Science (Econ.), b. 1966) has worked since 2015 as Chief Operative Officer (COO) and member of Management Team of Kotipizza Group Plc. Väätäinen has a wide experience acting as a member of Board of Directors, CEO and advisor in various IT- and service companies since 1990’s.

    The Board of Directors of Solteq and former CEO Repe Harmanen have agreed that Harmanen will leave his position as the CEO as of now. Harmanen has acted as the CEO of Solteq for the past seven years.

    -I want to thank Harmanen on behalf of Solteq and Board of Directors for his significant contribution to the company. I wish him all the best in his new challenges, says Mika Uotila, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solteq.

    Antti Kärkkäinen, CFO and deputy CEO of Solteq, has been appointed as the company’s interim CEO, effective 17th February, 2016.


    Board of Directors

    Further information:

    Mika Uotila, Chairman of the Board of Directors, tel. +358 40 553 6110

    (available Feb. 17th, after 3.00 p.m.)


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