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    Solteq to supply Smartum with an ERP System

    Solteq will supply Smartum with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP System. The new system will help Smartum manage its targeted payment instruments.

    Smartum, which was established in 1995, is a forerunner in the development of sports and culture vouchers to support work well-being. As its business continued to grow, Smartum needed a system that could be used to plan, manage and monitor daily business activities in an efficient manner. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform on which the new ERP System is built will be integrated with Smartum's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System and the network services used by the company's interest groups.

    Smartum's customers include more than 11 000 active employers, and about 4 500 companies providing sports and cultural services accept Smartum Vouchers or Saldo Payment Card. Almost 30 Finnish municipalities use the Smartum Service Voucher, which is the first national electronic payment instrument that municipalities can use in arranging social and health services for their inhabitants. The aim of the ERP System Project is to build a benefit management system for targeted payment instruments to administer and monitor the money targeted to different purposes.

    "Our interest groups are connected with us through electronic services, and therefore it is vital for our business that the services are functional and easy to use. The ERP System will provide us with a framework for serving all our interest groups in a high-quality and efficient way", Smartum's Managing Director Maarit Hannula says.

    "When the project is completed, all Smartum's service systems will be fully integrated and ready to accommodate the growth of the company's business. The new system will provide the right tools to all Smartum's organisational levels from managerial reporting to daily business transactions", describes Tiina Honkiniemi, Solteq's Business Director.

    "For a company like ours, Solteq is a perfect partner that understands how an ERP System best supports our business processes. Solteq provided us with a comprehensive system description allowing for a controlled implementation of the system in a manner the meets our requirements", continues Smartum's Managing Director Maarit Hannula.

    Additional Information:

    Smartum Oy
    Maarit Hannula, Managing Director
    Tel. +358(0)40 5384 101

    Solteq Oyj
    Tiina Honkiniemi, Business Director, Enterprise Resource Planning and Financial Management Solutions
    Tel. +358 (0)40 8444 228

    Smartum, which was established in 1995, is a forerunner and market leader in the supply of targeted payment instruments for the promotion of well-being. Smartum benefits can be offered in the form of a Sports Voucher, Sports and Culture Voucher or Smartum Saldo Payment Card. The Smartum Service Voucher is the first national electronic payment instrument that municipalities can use in arranging social and health services for their inhabitants. More than half a million Finns live in the municipalities that use Smartum Service Vouchers. offers an ethical way to remember staff members or partners and at the same time promote charity. The prizes that Smartum has been awarded include the Finnish Quality Innovation of the Year, Ethical Leader, Best Growth Company, and Uusimaa Service Company of the Year. Further information

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