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    Solteq’s Vesa Tikkanen is the first Microsoft Certified SQL Server 2008 Master in Scandinavia

    Solteq’s Chief Technology Architect Vesa Tikkanen has completed the Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008 Program and awarded the highly appreciated Microsoft Certified Master Certification. The participants of high-quality and demanding Microsoft Certified Master Programs are seasoned  IT professionals who have shown their technical competencies by completing a lower level certificate in the technology concerned and then accrued experience in demanding tasks for several years. A Microsoft Certified Master becomes a member in the Microsoft Certified Master community, where the best experts in the world solve IT challenges.

    There are 100 Microsoft SQL Server Masters in the world and 35 in Europe. Vesa Tikkanen’s certification means that Scandinavia now has its first certified SQL Server Master. Vesa Tikkanen’s unique and deep knowledge of databases makes the best Scandinavian expertise available to Solteq and Solteq’s clients. “We at Solteq invest in the development of our employees. We encourage our staff members to educate themselves and keep their competencies updated. After all, it is the top specialists who are able to offer the best to our clients,” comments Solteq’s B2C Solutions Director Petri Lindholm.

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    Solteq Plc
    B2C Solutions Director Petri Lindholm
    Tel. +358 (0)400 420 583

    Solteq is a leading retail and service industry software service company. We offer long-term partnership and the markets' widest range of retail and service industry software services, from the optimization of the entire supply chain to the management of consumer-customer information. Our technology-independent solutions help our customers to guide their business operations as efficiently and profitably as possible. Solteq celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year.

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