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    Decisions by the Annual General Meeting of Solteq Plc

    Solteq's Annual General Meeting approved the financial statement for period
    1.1.-31.12.2010 and discharged those accountable from liability. Board of
    Directors' proposal that no dividend will be paid from the financial year ended
    on 31.12.2010 was accepted.

    The General Meeting decided that the Board of Directors includes five members.
    Ali U. Saadetdin, Seppo Aalto, Markku Pietilä, Sirpa Sara-aho and Jukka Sonninen
    were re-elected. KPMG Oy Ab continues as the auditor.

    In addition, the General Meeting approved the following proposals by the Board
    (Stock Exchange Release February 16, 2011).
    - proposal regarding acquiring the company's own shares (authorization)
    - proposal to cover the loss in balance sheet by the fund for invested
    unrestricted equity

    In the Board meeting, held after the General Meeting, Ali U. Saadetdin was
    elected as the Chairman of the Board.

    Solteq Plc

    For further information please contact:

    Ali Saadetdin, Chairman of the Board
    Tel +358 20 1444 201 or +358 40 8444 201, e-mail

    Repe Harmanen, Managing Director
    Tel +358 400 467717, e-mail

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