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    SKS Group Oy to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning System

    SKS Group Oy will upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) in cooperation with its long-term IT Partner Solteq Oyj.  SKS Group chose SAP as its corporate ERP system, as it allows uniform processes regardless of the country and thereby facilitates the expansion of SKS Group's business operations globally and supports the development of new business models. The system solution consists of SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Portal (EP), Process Integration (PI) and Business Information Warehouse / Business Objects Reporting (BW/BO) solutions.

    SKS Group is a Finnish family-owned company established in 1924. The company has offices in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Poland and China. In 2010, SKS Group's turnover was EUR 109.1 million. The number of employees is about 650. SKS Group's expertise covers the whole life cycle of machinery and equipment from planning and manufacturing to maintenance.

    "The SAP overall solution that we have chosen will provide us with excellent possibilities to serve our customers both in Finland and abroad in a uniform and high-quality manner.  The solution will make it possible for us to offer our customers an integrated service both at home and in our expanding global markets", states Heikki Mykkänen, Director of Information Technology of SKS Group Oy.

    System analysis for the new ERP System has already started. The system will be phased in by end of year 2014. The solutions currently used in the company will be integrated with SAP, e.g. Mepco HRM (payroll and HRM), Opus Capita payment transaction solution, JDA's AWR System (purchases and stock optimisation), Multi-Support Multiarchive (invoice handling and archiving), as well as electronic market place ESSI, which is based on Solteq's eSales Solution.

    "Our long-term confidence-based cooperation with SKS creates an excellent basis for the implementation of the new system. We know SKS's business and wish to give a strong contribution to the development of their business activities, taking the whole IT architecture into consideration", says Tiina Honkiniemi, Business Director of Solteq Oyj.

    Additional Information:

    SKS Group Oy
    Heikki Mykkänen
    Director of Information Technology
    Tel. +358 50 645 00

    Solteq Oyj
    Tiina Honkiniemi
    Business Director, Enterprise Resource Planning and Financial Management Solutions
    Tel. +358 40 8444 228

    SKS Group Oy is a growth-oriented multi-competent group of companies in the machine building industry. The SKS Group companies provide an unmatched combination of products and services in Finland.  Whether you need individual components, semi-finished products, assemblies or demanding equipment deliveries, SKS Group will deliver everything you need in a reliable, cost-efficient manner. More information at

    Solteq Oyj offers systematically developing operational and financial control services to commercial, logistics, industrial and public administration actors. We complement our core offering with solutions for specialized retail management, maintenance and servicing management, as well as solutions for quality improvement and the management of systems in which master data is contained. With the help of our solutions developed using technology from the world's leading companies, our clients guide their businesses more efficiently and improve their profitability.   The Company turnover amounted to MEUR 27 in 2010. Solteq employs 230 persons. More information at