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    Solteq Oyj has refined its strategy for the years 2011 - 2014

    Solteq Oyj has refined the company's strategy for the upcoming years. A central
    role of our strategy is to guarantee the continuity of our clients' operations
    as users of our solutions, enabling them to continuously benefit from technology

    In our operations, we focus on our core operations in operational and financial
    control areas with the technologies of the world's leading partners. We
    complement our core offerings with industry-specific solutions with which our
    clients in the sectors of specialty and grocery retail, wholesale and logistics,
    and industrial and public sector gain competitive advantages faster using our
    introduced and flexible solutions.

    With the solutions supporting the core offerings, we enable specialty retail,
    maintenance and service management, as well as the management and quality
    improvement of the master data in client systems. These special areas are
    integrated solutions into our clients' operational and financial applications.

    As a part of the strategy we will execute improvement programs in order to
    improve long term efficiency. One of the programs focuses on our production
    model in which we utilize the delivery capability of lower-cost countries in
    searching for flexibility and scalability in our product development. We will
    also improve our operating model relating to internal efficiency through the
    coming years.

    As a strategic goal the board has set an approximately €50M income and a 10%
    earnings level by the end of the strategy period. This is to be implemented by
    use of organic and inorganic growth in the company's core service offerings and
    by expanding the customer segments.


    Our aim is to ensure the continuity of the solutions used by our clients. We
    develop solutions with sustainable technologies which are used to improve and
    develop our clients' competitiveness. By focusing on operational and financial
    solutions we are a part of our clients' core business and the success of our
    clients is our success. The cornerstone of our company strategy is the
    understanding of clients' operations and as a local service partner we are a
    part of our clients' value chain.


    At the beginning of the strategy period, the key is the improvement and
    consolidation of profitability to our targeted level. Measures and programs
    launched in the year 2010 are used to ensure short-term profitability and the
    strategy is used to influence the company's success, growth and profitability in
    the coming years.

    By utilizing lower-cost countries as a part of our own processes, we are able to
    improve our profitability and flexibility in product development projects. This
    will enable us to strengthen and develop local services for our clients
    operating in Finland.


    Solteq Oyj continues to focus on the trade, logistic, industrial and public
    sector areas with their core offerings. Increasing the share of the public
    sector in 2011-2014 is a strategically significant target for our entire

    We also offer industry independent solutions supporting the core offerings
    (specialized trade, maintenance and improvement of the quality of master data)
    outside of our primary business segments. In the provision of these solutions,
    we will continue to network with relevant players on the market and complete our
    partners' ERP deliveries with these solutions.


    At the core of the implementation of our strategic objectives is our company's
    skilled staff to who we offer long term employment possibilities for different
    life stages. Staff diversity and the desire for development are key success
    factors in the implementation of our strategic objectives. Having a group of
    professionals with industry-specific expertise is our key competitive advantage
    and is an integral element in further building our clients' success.


    By implementing the strategy we will develop into a service organisation that
    participates in the business growth and success of our clients by offering
    systematically developing services. Our project deliveries are based on product
    sketches that enable quicker deployment and improved quality.  As such we focus
    on developing solutions based on technology platforms of the world's leading
    software suppliers.

    We valuate and focus on long term relationships with our clients which enable
    smooth technology changes, process transformation and the offer of new features
    to our clients.

    As part of the offering we develop service models that enable smooth transition
    to exploit new technologies which are based on cloud models (SaaS) and enable
    seamless solution integrations.


    Our internationalization directed towards the Baltic region, Baltic countries
    and Russia will be executed through supporting our new and existing clients in
    those regions. Our strength is in long terms client partnerships and we grow
    with our clients by offering evolving standard of service and solution portfolio
    as their business expands and internationalizes.

    In accordance with our internationalization strategy, we will grow our business
    volume moderately and on a needs oriented basis.


    The achievement of strategic numeric objectives requires focused organic growth
    as well as industry and solution-expanding inorganic growth. We actively
    implement part of our growth strategy by acquisitions. Our goal is that by
    combining both growth elements, organic and inorganic, we will enable scale
    change of our company during the strategic period. Through this development we
    will better meet the growing needs of our large clients in our solution areas.


    We want to provide our clients with solutions that rely on global standards and
    the solutions of well-known suppliers. The share of our own solutions will be a
    significant development target for our existing clients. We will also continue
    along the path of TH Tiedonhallinta as the solution provider in the IBM RPG

    We will expand our service offering so that as current and new clients choose
    our core offering solutions we can always offer the best alternative of
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX or SAP technologies.

    The vertical solutions supporting the core offerings based on Microsoft
    technology platforms are our competitive factors which we strongly believe in
    and which we will expand in selected sectors.


    Our operations take into account environmental values and sustainable
    development perspectives. Our decisions will appreciate and value the future of
    the environment. We develop internal procedures and production solutions which
    are environmental friendly in our supply chain and operations and we expect the
    same from all of our partners.


    For further information please contact:
    Managing Director Repe Harmanen,
    Tel.: +358 400 467 717,

    Chairman of the Board Ali Saadetdin,
    Tel.: +358 40 8444 201,

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