Calculation of key figures

Calculation of Solteq's most important key figures

Return on equity (ROE) in percentage:

result for the financial period (rolling 12 mos.)equity (average for the period)
x 100

Profit from invested equity in percentage:

result before taxes + finance expenses (rolling 12 mos.)equity - interest free debt (average for the period)
x 100

Solvency ratio, in percentage:

equitybaeqluaitncy e sheet total – advances received
x 100


interest bearing liabilities – cash, bank balances and securitiesequity
x 100

Earnings per share:

result before taxes +/- minority interestadjusted average basic number of shares

Equity per share:

equitynumber of shares

Dividend per share:

dividend for the periodnumber of shares at the time of the payment

Dividend from result, in percentage:

dividend per shareearnings per share

Effective dividend yield:

dividend per shareshare price at the year-end
x 100

Price / earnings:

share price at the year-endearnings per share
x 100

The market value of company’s shares:

the number of shares at the year – end xshare price at the year-end


operating profit + depreciation and impairments