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    Download our eBook on D2C:
    Opportunities and Challenges


    Download our eBook about the opportunities and challenges in Direct-to-Consumer Business

    This eBook introduces Solteq's take on D2C, exhibits its main opportunities and challenges and indicates business capabilities needed. The eBook is designed for business leaders, who want to base their company's business development strategy and investments on a foundation that assumes a wide perspective on D2C transformation, instead of blindly following the next-best-trend in eCommerce.


    The eBook gives you:

    • a balanced understanding of D2C and whom it's for
    • arguments for integrating D2C into your business development strategy
    • 8 areas of D2C opportunities, like customer intimacy, brand ownership and digitaltization
    • 9 areas of D2C challenges, like channel cannibalization or pricing conflicts


    This eBook is the first publication in our D2C series.  

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