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    LS Central is innovative business software that will help you meet and anticipate fast-changing consumer habits

    The Unified Commerce software solution

    LS Central is an all-in-one business software provided by LS Retail that’s built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Meaning, that it brings together in one single platform financials, store & POS operations, supply chain management, inventory & customer loyalty.

    Why all-in-one?

    A traditional ERP does not speak Retail or Hospitality meaning these do not understand concepts such as stores, store replenishment, B2C loyalty, campaigns, promotions etc. Also, several integrations are required to communicate between stores systems, SCM and financials.

    In LS Central, all these are tightly connected to each other meaning:

    • You have transparency of single transactions from POS to the General Ledger.
    • You have full control of replenishing your stores from central warehouse or from the suppliers directly and if needed, plan redistribution.
    • You can easily add stores and configure new POS devices centrally.

    LS Central

    LS Central is a Unified Commerce solution that lets you be in control of your business by unifying your business processes, tracking your inventory across the full chain & lets you easily scale your business.

    LS Central UI on a tablet and mobile


    With LS Central you can serve your customer with highly personalized omnichannel campaigns, promotions and offers.

    You can offer your customers secure & contactless payments while they can also have visibility in real-time to your stock availability. You can also expand your business and maybe offer one-on-one consultations, appointments and personalized services.

    You have transparency over your entire business and concrete tool to align your replenishment to trends and to actual demand.

    At the very end of the solution, you have a state-of-the-art POS (Point-of-Sale) which you can use either by:

    • Standard over the counter POS
    • Mobile POS
    • Self-Service Shopping through Kiosks or personal smartphones
    • Clienteling POS, utilizing a eCommerce-like to build a basket together with your customers

    LS Central as SaaS service

    Want to stay always up-to-date?

    The LS Central is built on Microsoft Azure, a global cloud service that gives you a secure and solid infrastructure a business requires.

    With retail & hospitality you also want to make sure your local stores are up & running not matter what happens in the cloud.

    This is where our Hybrid Cloud comes in place. This means you get the best of both worlds, where your stores/restaurants can operate offline and your HQ can run their solution in the cloud.

    The cloud brings you the next level of scalability into the Retail world. E.g. during your high season you might need to add more POS devices or establish pop-ups. Commercially, the cloud also means you have a monthly cost that scales together with your business needs and is predictable month after month. Cloud also means, you’ll never have to do a version upgrade project – you’re always up-to-date.

    LS Central includes fully integrated modules for store management & point-of-sale, financial management, purchases, sales, inventory management, logistics, production, customer relationship management.

    Intelligent Cloud Solutions

    Together, LS Insight, LS Recommend and LS Forecast form a family of products that we refer to as the Intelligent Cloud Solutions.

    The purpose of these complementing solutions is to take your data to the next level

    LS Insight is based on Azure SQL and Microsoft Power BI infused with dashboards and reporting for Sales and Inventory for Retailers.

    LS Recommend is a cloud based basket analysis tool that creates personalized upsell/cross-sell recommendations for your customers, which you can either automate based on machine learning or request from the POS user interface.

    LS Forecast is an advanced sales demand forecast engine, which you can use to simulate future sales utilizing Microsoft Cortana Intelligence for you to reduce out-of-stock situations, increase availability and sales.

    In this video:

    Martin Kleindl Product Director presents these products and introduces the latest visions and plans for them.

    Why Solteq?

    Solteq is LS Central platinum partner 2022

    Solteq has been delivering LS Retail systems since 2014 and is one of the leading and largest suppliers in the Nordics. We are specialized in Nordic implementations. We work closely with LS Retail & Microsoft to ensure that the expertise and solutions offered to our clients are state-of-the-art.

    Other than implementing successful LS Retail projects, we are adding value with complementing solutions such as eCommerce, Product Information Management, Integration solutions and Business Intelligence to name a few.

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