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    Heads Retails

    Heads Retail makes running a business easy and effortless – in all channels

    Heads Retail

    Why should you choose Heads Retail?

    The in-memory technology of Heads Retail enables extremely quick price calculations based on complex pricing matrices. When the customer’s shopping cart is ready either online or in a shop, Heads Retail calculates product prices in real-time. This enables efficient price matrix management for products, product groups and customers.

    Advantages and features of Heads retail:

    • Real-time in-memory computing technology that is quick and easy to install and integrate with other systems.
    • It also operates as a cloud cash register, so you will need only one system for all your shops.
    • You can monitor and manage all your shops in real-time and independent of channels.
    • Possibility to process huge amounts of pricing data by using the efficient price engine of Heads Retail.
    • Customisation for various industries is effortless – whether for small enterprises or large chains.

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