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    Your Christmas card campaign reflects the quality of your ERP integration!

    December is the time when companies send Christmas cards to their business relations as a gesture of good tidings. Frequently, but unintentionally,...

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    Hey Data Expert, the future looks bright for you!

    If you happen to be a data expert like me, you are holding the winning ticket in your hand. The global markets are on the verge of realizing the full...

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    Digitalization of pharmacies opens up new markets

    How can highly regulated industries, such as pharmacies, keep up with the pace of development in the retail sector and meet all the ever-changing...

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    Highlights from PIMpoint Digital 2021

    Last week was special because it was again time for the world’s largest PIM event, inriver's PIMpoint Digital. The event offered a lot of interesting...

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    Moving from fine Dining to Couch dining

    - How Hospitality has disrupted in the past 12 months

    Do you remember the time when everyone used to agree a meetup in a good restaurant? We used to...

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    Bringing demand forecasting to another level

    Over the past 15 years, retailers and especially food retailers have been trying to find and adapt their models to the online economy. I remember...

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    Guest blog: Experience-driven commerce relies on a modern tech stack

    Customers demand more experiences than ever before

    Consumers interact with more content across more connected devices than ever before, and they...

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    Guest blog: What is PXM - and why does it matter?

    Commerce is changing, and fast. B2B and B2C organizations alike will struggle to thrive, or even survive, by offering just one or two sales channels...

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    Guest blog: Meet your  website visitor expectations with personalization - how to get started

    What is personalization? Does it mean the red shoes that seem to follow me to every site after I’ve viewed them once in an online store? That’s the...

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    Diamond-shining takeaways from LS conneXion 2019

    I had the pleasure to participate to LS conneXion conference in Munich between April 3rd and 4th this year. LS conneXion brings together LS Retail...

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    Avoid Showrooming — Close the Deal at the Bricks and Mortar

    The retail sector is experiencing enormous change which makes the future unsure. Many are wondering how to keep their competitiveness and customers...

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    Product Information Management Trends for 2019

    Product information management systems develop constantly. A company’s own systems, business operation processes and customer understanding are all...

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