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    09.11.2021 — 4 min read

    Hey Data Expert, the future looks bright for you!

    If you happen to be a data expert like me, you are holding the winning ticket in your hand. The global markets are on the verge of realizing the full potential of data in core business development. At the same time the talent shortage – or talent war as some put it – has hit the global IT sector hard and fast. The demand for expertise in areas such as data and analytics, AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity is critically steeper than the current talent pool.

    As the newly appointed Head of Data at Solteq Plc, I am on an incredibly inspiring mission to build a dream team around data. At the same time, there’s a dark cloud above my head as I am faced with the challenging recruitment market. I can take the road of writing the fattest paychecks in town. Or I could offer something truly unique. A platform for professional growth, an international operating environment, and the stability to build a world-class data expert hub.

    This is known to be my mantra. The way I see the field of data science. And the way I wish to work among other data enthusiasts.

    • The possibilities of data are limitless: Data science can enable growth and innovation, as well as increase competitiveness. It also helps overcoming a sudden disruption in the marketplace, as witnessed during the past couple of years. However, the challenge for data science is, that it has been traditionally seen as an IT or technology project, and not as part of core business development.
    •  Data experts thrive when hacking real-life business problems. The full potential of data will be reached by asking visionary questions about business. And these questions have nothing to do with technology, and everything to do with breaking silos.
    • We need to be on top of our game to deliver world-class solutions. This means that we should always have access to emerging technologies and the coolest gadgets.
    • People are our greatest resource. We need to be respectful of the different ways and aspirations for working. One size does not fit all. And that’s fine. I’d rather hear what makes a dreamy career for you – whether it’s being able to work remotely / intensively at the office, finding a good balance between home and work lives or becoming a world-acknowledged data expert.
    • No to bureaucratic restrictions and yes to entrepreneurial spirit. There is nothing like genuine excitement of talented people coming together for a shared passion.

    Are you ready to pursue your passion and begin a new chapter in your career in data? We are building a dream team and looking to fill plenty of new roles, such as Data Scientist, Data Architect, Machine Learning Expert, MLOps, ModelOps, AI Lead, Azure and AWS developers, Data Strategist, Integration Developer, MDM Consultant, Information Architect, and Cloud Tech Lead.

    If this resonated with you, hit me with an email or call directly. 

    Nina Marila
    Head of Data / Solteq Plc
    Tel: +358 45 633 0710