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    11.04.2019 — 4 min read

    Diamond-shining takeaways from LS conneXion 2019

    I had the pleasure to participate to LS conneXion conference in Munich between April 3rd and 4th this year. LS conneXion brings together LS Retail customers and partners around the world with 500 participants to discover the latest trends and product roadmaps as well as to network.

    For Solteq, LS Retail is a strategic partner which was again proven by the award of Diamond Partnership for Solteq. Out of the over 350 partners worldwide, 16 reached the Diamond level this year. 

    Below are some of my highlights and from the two-day conference.

    Unified Commerce

    The theme and trend for combining all platforms (eCommerce, ERP, PIM, CRM, POS and other three-letter capabilities) into one is called Unified Commerce. Comparing to Omnichannel or Multichannel, Unified Commerce focuses on putting the customer experience in the center of everything and forcing solutions to adapt to this approach, breaking down the walls between internal channels and system silos and leveraging a common commerce platform.

    Hybrid Cloud

    Many companies and especially retailers are already on the “cloud-first strategy”, but still most of them are still selecting a different path to the cloud. They are moving just a part of the IT capabilities to the cloud, while maintaining core elements as on-premises. 

    LS Retail presented how a Hybrid Cloud option supports both and especially a mixture of full cloud and in-house architecture, which can be adopted for a specific customer need. The Hybrid Cloud model can increase agility and speed to market with lower business costs. 

    Integrated & International Payments

    LS Pay in an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) software solution that offers customers EMV and PCI compliance. LS Pay supports major Payment Service Providers such as PayEx, Verifone and Valitor. LS Retail presented how to guarantee security in customers' transactions, freedom of selecting between different PSP's. 

    I see LS Pay as at least interesting to international customers wanting to have the same POS platform with same payment terminals & and service providers in all countries. 

    Extending the Hospitality Industry: LS Hotels

    LS Hotel is a totally new solution for hotels and resorts, covering the core needs of the hospitality industry, from accommodation to dining to onsite services to retail sales – including, package combinations. LS Hotels manages the reservation and front desk processes, integrating with external web booking channels and working seamlessly with the rest of the LS Retail platform.  

    I believe that this combination of powerful best-of-breed modules (LS Hotels, LS Central Hospitality and LS Activity) enable managing and tracking guest experience from bookings, managing events, to dining, all the way to sales of products and services. You can track reservations arriving from the web, add packages including activities and dining reservations, handle the checking in and out processes, and take care of all front desk management – all within a single platform. 

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