Solteq WebService

    A comprehensive, cloud-based ERP system for vehicle maintenance and after-sales services

    Solteq WebService - Car motor under maintenance
    Solteq WebService - A cloud-based ERP system for vehicle maintenance and after-sales services on a laptop screen

    Solteq WebService

    A cloud-based ERP system for vehicle maintenance and after-sales services.

    Comprehensive solution

    • Extensive integrations with importers, manufacturers and other stakeholders
    • Updating of customer and vehicle data with integration to Traficom services
    • Customer communication directly from the work order, including photos and videos
    • Online invoicing according to Finnish car and insurance industry standard
    • Integrated tire hotel functionalities

    Solteq WebService is a cloud-based, state-of-the-art solution that covers the after-sales functions of vehicle sales. It streamlines backend processes and enables integration of digital services and other applications.

    The system supports day-to-day customer service of service and repair business. It covers all customer contact points from scheduling appointments to customer satisfaction surveys and provides the necessary tools for building an outstanding customer experience.

    Online booking is integrated directly to service process – leaving out the need to process separate emails. Vehicle and customer data are connected to importer and Trafi databases. The sophisticated system automatically sends confirmation and reminder messages to customers in order to notify them about the upcoming appointments. Customer communication can be conducted via SMS or email.

    Extensive integrations to importers’ and manufacturers’ systems provide up-to-date and accurate maintenance workflows and service package information. Mechanics can timestamp their work on a mobile device – without having to do so in a separate stamping terminal. Invoicing customers is easy, even when there is a need to split an invoice to several payers. Invoicing supports the car and insurance online invoicing, speeding up processes with insurance companies. WebService includes an integration with Solteq's Cloud POS cash systems, which enables a wide range of payment methods.

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