Solteq Service Box

    Offer service at the best time for the customer

    Service Box - Stylish car dealer store with glass facade
    Solteq Service Box

    Solteq Service Box

    Service Box extends opening hours and allows customers to deliver and return keys according to their own individual schedules.

    Service Box features

    • 24/7 delivery and return of car keys
    • 24/7 handover of courtesy car keys
    • Boost for sales of additional services and supplies
    • Multilingual user interface
    • Payment terminal

    Solteq Service Box is seamlessly integrated with vehicle maintenance and after-sales, enabling customer service outside the opening hours. For customers, Service Box provides freedom to drop and pick their car keys whenever most convenient for them.

    The multilingual user interface with the well-targeted and visually appealing touch screen create a signature customer experience.

    Service Box can also be used for picking up or returning spare parts purchased online. Customers can choose to use the Service Box’s payment terminal or make the payment online.

    Contact person

    Hanna Hietala

    Business Manager

    +358 40 844 4247