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    When Carglass® was seeking to implement Microsoft Business Central in Finland, they turned to Solteq as a business partner

    "Solteq has a local presence in all four Nordic countries and could therefore help safeguard our ERP solution for the future”, says Nordic Project Manager Henrik Nørgaard, continuing:

    "It was hugely important for us to find a business partner that would be capable of interacting with all the stakeholders involved in a large-scale project such as this. Because Risk Management is a key focal point at Carglass® , and we want our partners to be open and transparent, and good at passing on and sharing knowledge. These are among Solteq’s many strengths. At the same time, they have been a valuable sounding board for ideas to help determine how we at Carglass® can develop these systems to become even better and create added value for us.”

    "We were looking to find an ERP solution that was as standardised as possible for our employees and customers in the Nordic countries, and where individual elements could be adapted to the various countries at the same time. In Finland we have some special needs regarding wholesale, and in Denmark we needed additional features for our warehouse and finance module. Everything has been built around the same basic solution, while also accounting for the points where the individual countries differ from one another”, says Nørgaard.

    "The next project on our horizon is to get Carglass® in Norway upgraded to the same solution. And as we were highly successful with the launch of the project in Finland, Solteq was our choice of business partner here as well, as we have great expectations. Every time we take new initiatives, it is essential to make sure they are to the advantage of Carglass® throughout the entire Nordic region”, says Nørgaard, concluding:

    "There are probably no projects of this type that can be implemented without a bump along the way. But with Solteq as a business partner, significant steps have been taken to understand and contribute to our wishes, thereby making the process easier. This is why I can easily recommend that other companies with similar needs have a dialogue with Solteq.”

    "It was hugely important for us to find a business partner that would be capable of interacting with all the stakeholders involved in a large-scale project such as this."

    Henrik Nørgaard, Nordic Project Manager at Carglass

    Facts about the solution

    • Part of a Microsoft Business Central ERP system in Finland
    • Local system modifications

    • Nordic support for Power BI
    • Plan for implementation of a similar solution in Norway

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    Carglass® is part of the Belron group, which has more than 30,000 employees in 39 countries. Belron® repairs damaged glass more than three times every second and normally serves more than 200,000 customers every week globally, and their goal is to be the go-to choice for repair and replacement of automotive glass. The group has signed the UN Global Impact and works concertedly on principles such as the environment, human rights, anti-corruption and labour law.

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