LS Retail

LS Retail is a world-leading software solution provider for retail and HoReCa companies.


Easy-to-use solution for multi-channelled business monitoring throughout the supply chain. 
  • Real-time information about stock levels, store and sales efficiency and stock values.
  • Supplementary orders benefit from our advanced technology that makes it easy to distribute resources to the right places at right times.
  • Integrated system to all stores, head offices and branches.
  • Shared data management system and maintenance to all channels: online stores, mobile customer loyalty schemes and store branches. 
  • Based on the D 365 Business Central system and can, therefore, be connected to other D 365 Business Central application features, such as finance, sales, marketing, stock and service applications.
  • Possible to start operating module by module and to gradually expand the functionality. 

LS CENTRAL Hospitality 

Expands the D 365 Business Central ERP system in a modern restaurant for the management system and other features required by hotel and restaurant businesses.

  • Covers all the restaurant activities from waiters' tools and management back office operations all the way to supply chain controlling. 
  • Focused management of products, recipes, pricing and campaigns.
  • Stock control feature enables cost accounting and funds control at restaurant unit level from a single transaction to complete bookkeeping.
  • One-for-all solution for all restaurant types and combinations.
  • Depending on the user's needs, reports can be collected from a single till and restaurant level all the way to company and chain level.


LS One

Scalable till system designed for restaurant use that covers all restaurant functions' requirements from payment collection to purchases.

  • Speeds up personnel training.
  • Analyses sales reports and adjusts them to a company's business strategy.
  • Increases order control efficiency by sending orders straight to the kitchen.
  • Handles both partial and complete invoicing as well as standard and special orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Allows both online and offline use.
  • Customer loyalty scheme functions and seasonal promotions.

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Sales Manager

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