Deep Vision

Deep Vision identifies the customer's online struggles and how this affects the revenue.

Why choose Solteq & Deep Vision?

The challenge for modern e-commerce and other online services is to truly understand the behaviour of customers during their online journeys. Deep Vision service is ruthless at revealing issues because it mines everything directly from each customer interaction.


With Deep Vision you can:

  • automatically identify where customers have issues and how this impacts your business financially.
  • define segments of customers with particular behaviors.
  • reduce time used on fixing technical errors by up to 60%.
  • set up commercial KPI that are essential for how the web shop is performing.
  • identify and prioritize needed actions relating to optimising web shops.
  • build enhanced data sets of customer interaction with the web shop and make this data available to the different business units.

Deep Vision Audit

An audit is designed to show how Deep Vision can add value to your business.


The Audit includes:

  • basic set up with 0-1 million monthly page views

  • 3 months of data-mining and identification of business cases

  • identification and analysis of 2-4 issues on your web shop

  • 3 consulting sessions where we deliver the results to you


Elkjøp can now put a money case against every online customer struggle!


With Deep Vision our customer Elkjøp:

• found out that 90% of obstacles that the customers experienced were occurring in the check-out process.

• identified business cases related to the online customer experience that can increase the revenue by 10-15% per annum based on real time data.

• can now track where and why customers struggle online and how this impacts the revenue and conversion.

Deep Vision contact

Juha Vuohelainen

Director, Digital Strategy

+358 40 580 2603