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    Partnership with SoftBank Robotics offers Solteq the opportunity to develop customised content and applications for Pepper the Robot

    Solteq has secured a partnership with the Japanese company SoftBank Robotics and will begin providing Pepper robots featuring tailored content and applications to meet the special needs of different fields.

    “Many people have come across a Pepper robot handling customer service duties in public facilities. Thanks to this partnership, we will now get to create customised content and applications for the robots, responding to the needs of sectors such as trade and health care. The partnership will also boost our status as a frontrunner in AI and robotics – as we are one of the first selected partners in Finland,” explains Timo Kupsa, Director, Solteq Incubator.

    Pepper the Robot communicates in many different languages and supports customer service, for example, by collecting feedback and assisting customers. The robot can even assess the emotional state of a person and adapt its communication style accordingly. Solteq’s expertise will help to create an endless range of content targeted at customer needs which the robot can use in communicative situations.

    To attain an official partnership with SoftBank Robotics, companies must meet the quality standards and their experts must successfully complete the required certificates.

    Further information:
    Timo Kupsa
    Director, Solteq Incubator
    +358 50 386 5314

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