Strategy and focus areas

Nordic industry-independent IT provider and software house specialising in digital business solutions

In 2017, we redefined our strategy to position ourselves as a Nordic industry-independent IT provider and software house that specialises in digital business solutions. We want to serve those industries whose traditional operating models are being shaken by the digital revolution. Our business opportunities are expanding as a growing number of industries recognise the need for optimised digital customer engagement solutions.

We have stated trying to increase the share of revenue generated by cloud services and other continuity services in our solution offering. Revenue from cloud services is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. The share of revenue represented by continuous services will be reported separately starting from the beginning of the year. We estimate that this will account over one fourth of our revenue this year.

As the digital transformation picks up speed, we want to be among the firsts to take advantage of emerging technologies and focus on the development of our own software products and services. We have established the Incubator business unit to develop and commercialise the opportunities presented by new technologies. We are especially active in areas that enable us to incorporate artificial intelligence and robotics into our products and services.

In 2017 we balanced our business operations by reorganising and cost reduction. These actions will have a positive impact for the outcome of the upcoming financial years. Despite the challenging year, we succeeded in expanding our operations by acquisitions. We estimate that one fifth of our revenue will come from outside Finland in 2018.

Our operations are based on the expertise and competencies of Solteqians. Early in the year, we announced our aim of recruiting 100 new professionals during 2017. We achieved this target.