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    New management team and segments

    Solteq Plc Stock Exchange Bulletin 1.10.2015 at 9.00 am.

    As part of the ongoing integration process of Solteq Plc and Descom Group, has Solteq decided to appoint new Group Management Team. The changes are effective from 1.10.2015 on.

    Members of management team are:

    • Repe Harmanen, CEO
    • Joni Henkola, VP, Sales
    • Tiina Honkiniemi, VP, Client Technologies
      • responsible for operations of Grocery and Special Retail; HoReCa; Wholesale, Logistics and Services –segments until 31.12.2015
    • Virpi Hyytiä, VP, Accounts
    • Harri Ilvonen, VP Digital Customership
      • responsible for operations of Descom Group until 31.12.2015
    • Antti Kärkkäinen, CFO
    • Konsta Saarela, VP, International Business
    • Riina Tervaoja, VP, Projects

    Management team focuses on operative issues of Solteq Group.

    Members of extended management team, in addition to above mentioned, are:

    • Kirsi Jalasaho, VP, IR and Marketing
    • Mari Kuha, VP, HR and Culture
    • Juha Luomala, VP, Services Development

    Extended management team focuses on developing the operations of Solteq Group with longer time perspective.

    Short descriptions of Management team members are available at from October 2nd, 2015 on.

    In addition, as part of ongoing organizational development has Solteq Group decided to simplify its reporting structure. There will be two reported segments from 1.1.2016 on: Client Technologies and Digital Customership.


    Additional information:

    CEO Repe Harmanen

    Telephone 0400 467 717



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