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    Decision reached on the purchase of Aldata Solution Finland Ltd's stock capital

    Software service company Solteq Plc has today, 22.3.2012, purchased the entire stock capital of Aldata Solution Finland Ltd with an executed transaction at a purchasing price of EUR 8.3 million from Aldata Solution Plc. Solteq released two stock exchange releases concerning the corporate acquisition on 20.3.2012. The purchasing price of the corporate acquisition was paid in cash at the time of the transaction.

    The financing for the corporate acquisition took place from the office shares sales arrangement and funds of EUR 3.1 million received from directed issuing of shares, and partly with a bank loan. The trade of office shares has begun. The directed issuing of shares has been carried out as announced on March 20, 2012 and 2,849,632 new shares at a subscription price of EUR 1,10 based on the volume-weighted average price of trade from 6.9.2011-6.3.2012. Loan agreements have been signed and they include normal covenants which connect to three key figures. The key figures are the equity ratio, the concern's interest-bearing debts/operating margin and debt coverage ratio.

    Thanks to the corporate acquisition, Solteq's position as an operator in the retail industry will be strengthened, its customer base will grow, product supply will increase and operations will expand into the hotel and restaurant industry. The corporate acquisition implements the company's strategy and fundamentally promotes the achievement of defined goals. The operations acquired through the corporate acquisition will be part of Solteq's ERP special solutions operating segment. Aldata Solution Finland's name will change to Solteq Retail Ltd.

    As far as the Company understands, Solteq's and Aldata Solution Finland's business operations do not significantly overlap; instead, the companies' operations supplement one another in terms of both skills and solutions. The corporate acquisition is not considered to have any direct, significant effects on personnel. The business operations of the company involved in the corporate acquisition will be integrated into the Group's current operations as quickly as possible to improve operational efficiency. The placement of Aldata Solution Finland's personnel in the same facilities with Solteq's personnel in the greater Helsinki area will be investigated while keeping the efficiency of the utilisation degree of the current facilities in mind.

    The corporate acquisition will not change the implementation of Solteq's strategy, published on 4.2.2011, or its schedule.

    Solteq will publish a prospectus for the listing of shares issued in the issuing of shares to finance the corporate acquisition when the Financial Supervisory Authority has approved it.


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    CFO Antti Kärkkäinen
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