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    Solteq Plc's directed issue

    In its meeting on the 20.3.2012, the company's Board decided on the issue of shares based on the authorisations given in the company meeting on 23.3.2007 and on 14.3.2012. The shares issued during the issue, a total of 2,849,632 new shares, were directed to institutional investors for subscription as a so-called private placement arrangement, deviating from shareholders' pre-emptive subscription privileges. The directed issue's deviation from the shareholders' pre-emptive subscription privileges was in order to fund the acquisition of Aldata Solution Finland Ltd's capital stock published on 20.3.2012 and to expand the shareholder base to include institutional investors.

    The shares were subscribed in full based on an advance underwriting such that Mutual insurance company Eläke-Fennia subscribed 2,204,715 shares and Mutual pension insurance company Varma subscribed 644,917 shares. The share of issued and subscribed shares is 23.5% of the Company's entire stock and votes provided by all shares before the Issuing of shares (19.0% after Issuing). After the subscription and registration of the shares issued during the Issuing of shares, the Company has 14,998,061 shares.

    The subscription price of each share was EUR 1.10. The subscription price of the shares will be entered entirely into the invested unrestricted equity fund.

    The subscribed shares produce the right to a stock dividend and the distribution of other funds and other shareholders' rights beginning when the shares are entered into the Trade Register, which is expected to take place on 23.3.2012. The company will publish a prospectus made for the listing of shares after the prospectus is approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority, and then list the shares for trade on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Oy together with the company's other shares.


    Further information available from:

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