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    Solteq to improve the quality and usability Normet’s data classification

    Solteq has launched a project to harmonize the data classification of the Normet Group, which manufactures underground mining and tunnel machinery and equipment. The cooperation agreement was signed in June 2012 and the project is expected to be completed in spring 2013.

    The aim of the harmonization project is to improve the quality and usability of the data content of Normet’s data system and thereby facilitate work and enhance productivity.

    “A stimulus for the project was that there were defects in our data classification, and the user guidance also needed unification. Wrong data had been stored in wrong places and the result was that the daily use of the system was difficult. We wanted to clean up the whole system to be able to get the right information right when it is needed. We chose Solteq as our partner because we knew how deep expertise and wide experience they have in data management,” says Normet’s Masterdata Manager Mikko Muona.

    In the project, Normet’s data items are categorized in a logical order, and clear rules and standards are created for future data classification. When the project is completed, there will be no duplicate data and the data will always be up-do-date and in a uniform format, which will improve the usability of the system significantly.

    ”High-quality data content of information systems is the cornerstone of a company. It provides a solid basis for decision making and everyday routines. High-quality data also makes it easy to use the system and retrieve data, which facilitates people’s work and enhances the company’s operations”, Mikko Muona continues.


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    Division Director Matti Saastamoinen

    Tel. +358 (0)40 8444 652


    Normet Group


    The Normet Group is a fast growing Finnish technology company with global operations. It specializes in selected solutions for underground mining and tunnel construction processes, such as manufacture and development of special heavy machinery and equipment and related life cycle services, as well as construction chemicals and total solutions to enhance customer processes. Examples of our selected customer processes include highly automated concrete spraying and mechanized explosive charging.

    Normet offers a comprehensive range of equipment and process related services, for instance spare part and maintenance services, user and maintenance staff training, and process management.

    Today, the Normet Group is the global market leader in the niche markets it has selected. Normet has a total of 36 sales and service points in 22 countries on five continents. The consolidated net sales in 2011 were EUR 170 million. The Group employs nearly 900 professionals in various part of the world, 400 of them in Iisalmi, Finland.

    Solteq is a leading retail and service industry software service company. We offer long-term partnership and the widest range of retail and service industry software services in the market, from the optimization of the entire supply chain to the management of consumer-customer information. Our technology-independent solutions help our clients to guide their business operations as efficiently and profitably as possible. Solteq celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year.