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    Aldata 1-2-1 Retail is now Solteq 1-2-1 Retail

    As Solteq purchased the entire capital stock of Aldata Solution Finland Ltd on 22.3.2012, Solteq's range of software services in trade and service expanded to cover software services for the entire supply chain, from product and service production and distribution to the management of consumer-customer information. The Aldata 1-2-1 Retail solution for the retail industry will now be known as Solteq 1-2-1 Retail.

    Solteq 1-2-1 Retail covers retail software services for the entire supply chain

    Solteq 1-2-1 Retail concept combines the interaction taking place between the consumer and retail chain for the benefit of both the store and consumer by creating the possibility for an individual consumer experience. The retail industry solution consists of an ERP system corresponding to the customer's needs, with an integrated cashier system and other added value solutions which make store operations, the order-supply chain, logistics, chain control and management of customer information more effective. The heart of the solution is the ERP system, which can be for example Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX or AX for Retail, SAP, Aldata G.O.L.D or Solteq's IBM-based solutions. Smaller stores and retail chains may simply use a versatile cashier system. Using these solutions, Solteq serves its customers in the trade industry in over 3,500 stores with over 8,000 point-of-sale terminals.

    "Our company's diverse range of products and vast expertise offer efficient tools and innovative solutions to meet the needs of trade and logistics, industry and the public sector. Thanks to the corporate acquisition which took place in spring, we can offer the markets' widest range of trade and service software services from acquisition and supply chain optimisation to the management of consumer-customer information", explains Solteq's CEO Repe Harmanen.

    "Solteq 1-2-1 Retail increases transparency in the entire retail chain and offers the opportunity for individual marketing and services in all customer channels. Solteq will continue to invest in taking the multichannel aspect of retail into account by introducing innovative solutions to improve the consumer experience in both stores and online", explains Petri Lindholm, acting director of Solteq Plc's B2C solutions.

    Solteq Plc

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    Solteq offers the markets' widest range of retail and service industry software services, from the optimisation of the entire supply chain to the management of consumer-customer information. Our solutions are developed based on the technology of our partners, global leaders in the industry, and help our customers to make their operations more efficient and improve profitability. Solteq will turn 30 this year. Further information available at