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    Announcement according to security markets act, chapter 2, section 10, about an arrangement which will, if realized, lead to a change in ownership

    Solteq Plc has today received from LocalTapiola Mutual Pension Insurance Company (Business ID 0201103-7, ”LocalTapiola) notification, as stated in Chapter 2 Section 9 of the Security Markets Act.

    The notification contains the following information:

    The Mutual Insurance Company Pension Fennia and LocalTapiola Mutual Pension Insurance Company will form a new Pension Company starting from 1.1.2014. The boards of the two companies have accepted the merger plan on 27.3.2013. The merger still requires the acceptance from the authorities and the general meeting.

    At the time of acceptance 27.3.2013, the Mutual Insurance Company Pension Fennia owns 2,000,000 shares in Solteq Plc, which is 13,34 % of the total of the company’s shares and votes.

    If the merger is realized, this leads to a situation where the new company owns more than 10 % of the shares and votes in Solteq Plc.

    The full amount of registered shares in Solteq Plc is 14 998 061 shares, which have 14 998 061 votes. The company has one series of shares.


    For further information:

    CEO Repe Harmanen
    Tel +358 400 467 717

    CFO Antti Kärkkäinen
    Tel +358 40 8444 393


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