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    Solteq concluded an agreement with Suomen Lähikauppa on a significant expansion of services

    Long term business partners Solteq Plc and Suomen Lähikauppa Ltd have signed an agreement that complements the service package provided by Solteq to Lähikauppa.

    Solteq’s estimate of the value of the deal is more than four million euro spread over 2014-2016.

    - The agreement covers the delivery of all the maintenance and support services related to Lähikauppa’s retail systems as well as the management of these services. This means that we are, in accordance with our strategy, proceeding to a new area and thereby strengthening our position as a software service provider that specializes in the retail and service industry. The value of the deal is also significant for Solteq but it will not have an impact on our key ratio forecast for the current year, states Solteq’s CEO Repe Harmanen.


    Further info:

    Suomen Lähikauppa Ltd

    Vice President, CIO  Janne Jakola, tel. +358 40 860 4894

    Solteq Plc

    CEO Repe Harmanen, tel. +358 400 467 717


    Suomen Lähikauppa Oy is Finland's third largest grocery store operator with two national retail chains: Siwa and Valintatalo. We have 670 stores, 5,300 employees and almost all of Finland as our customers. The company turnover in 2012 was EUR 1,0 billion.


    Solteq Plc is a Finnish software service provider to the retail and service sectors. We offer long-term partnership and the widest range of services in the market from the optimization of the entire supply chain to the management of consumer-customer information. Our technology independent solutions help our customers to make their operations more efficient and improve profitability.