Learn more about our prospectuses.

The purpose of prospectuses

Prospectuses are required when a listed company issues securities. The brochure outlines the company’s financial position that is required by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Prospectuses must be published when securities are listed on the market, it is, or it will be listed on the stock exchange.

Solteq’s documents

Registration document 28 September 2015

Securities Note 28 September 2015

Listing Prospectus 4 April 2012 (Only in Finnish)

Documents on display:

For the validity period of the this Registration Document, hard copies of the documents listed below will be on view on Solteq’s website.

  • Company’s articles of association valid on the date of this Registration Document
  • The Company’s auditor’s report regarding the pro forma information
  • Report of the Company’s auditor on profit forecast included in the prospectus
  • Decision of the Financial Supervisory Authority regarding Registration Document
  • The referenced documents