Solteqians, clever digital saviours

Extraordinary solutions are produced by extraordinary individuals, by people who are committed to helping clients to success. The Solteqians are digital saviours!

The most comprehensive digital commerce services are not based on mere technology. Expertise is created in and among people. The Solteqians are duly proud of themselves. They are proud of their competencies and strength that enables them to carry the client over troublesome waters. However, the Solteqians are also sensitive and humble enough to listen, hear and care.

As part of the creation of the new Solteq, we de ned the cornerstones of our corporate culture – what we really are. The book entitled “Reach the Unexpected” was published. The title describes our will to reach the unexpected and extraordinary – the thing that makes our clients sigh “wow”. The cornerstones of our culture are truthfulness, empathy and passion for the unexpected.

To ensure the necessary preconditions for growth, we recruited 85 new employees in 2016. Some of the new Solteqians are experienced digital commerce experts, while some of them are what we call junior diamonds. To ensure that both the existing and new Solteqians can develop their competencies, we launched Solteq Academy.

Solteqians’ wellbeing is important to us. One way in which we invest in the wellbeing of our employees is supporting physical activity in different forms. Nice little things during the working day, the Everyday Unexpected, help us maintain an active mind. To ensure the wellbeing of our personnel, we carry out a job satisfaction survey three times every year. According to the results of the surveys, the best things in working for Solteq are the atmosphere and the co-workers.


Children occupy Solteq’s office

“Work and free time are both part of our lives”, says Mari Kuha, Solteq’s VP – HR and Culture. Therefore, we invited our children to the workplace.


Competitiveness pact

Our competitiveness pact: 24 more hours for physical activity. Our everyday life is guided by simple rules: Solteqians come rst, and decisions are based on common sense.


Directed share issue to personnel

It is only fair that Solteq’s employees benefit from the company’s nancial success. Therefore, Solteqians were offered an opportunity to become Solteq’s shareholders.

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