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Personal data register description

Customers and Marketing

Document prepared: 1.1.2016

Last updated: 1.1.2016

1. Registrar

Solteq Oyj (VAT number: FI04904840) (‘Solteq’)

Eteläpuisto 2 C, 33200 Tampere, Finland

Telephone: +358 10 8208024


2. Register officer

Mikko Sairanen

Telephone: +358 10 8208024



Name of the register is Solteq Oyj’s Customer and Marketing Register.

4. Purpose of register

  • Maintenance of Solteq’s customer service and customer relations management
  • Newsletter distribution
  • Marketing and direct marketing of Solteq’s products and services in accordance with user consent and as permitted by law
  • To be used for personalisation of visits or communications
  • Facilitation of delivery of Solteq’s products and services, facilitation of operations and ongoing development of Solteq’s operations, products and services
  • Disclosure of information inside Solteq and between Solteq, Solteq Group companies and its subcontractors to facilitate the delivery of Solteq products and services
  • To comply with Solteq’s statutory personal data management obligations
  • To respond to contact requests
  • In this document, Solteq’s products and services may include products and services of group companies and their suppliers
  • The relevant legislative principles to be observed are Chapter 2 Section 8.1, parts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the Finnish Personal Data Act

5. Content of the register

  • User’s first names and surname
  • User’s email address
  • User’s mobile phone number
  • User’s company or other organisation, and the address of the company or other organisation
  • User’s position in the organisation
  • Information on the user’s geographical location and domicile, acquired with the user’s consent
  • Brand and type of the user’s Internet browser
  • Brand and model of the user’s computer
  • User’s computer operating system
  • Brand and model of the user’s mobile phone or other mobile device
  • Brand and type of the user’s mobile browser
  • User’s current IP address
  • IMEI code or other similar unique code of the user’s phone or mobile device
  • Information provided by the user about devices belonging to the company or other organisation
  • Information about use of and sessions on Solteq products and services
  • Usage information about user’s Solteq products and services, such as information about frequency of use, as well as time and duration
  • User’s username and password for Solteq products and services
  • Information about contracts concluded by the user’s company or other organisation
  • Information about mailing list subscriptions
  • Customer feedback, queries or competition results relating to the user
  • In this document, Solteq products and services may also include products and services of group companies and their suppliers

6. Statutory sources of information

  • Customer queries on Solteq’s website, by phone or other communication or other form of contact
  • Via a contact form or other form
  • Information gathered via Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook etc. as a user signs in or authenticates via third party services, in accordance with the terms of such service providers
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Different user responses to specific questions (areas of interest, etc.)
  • From a customer contact request or if a customer wishes to register via Solteq’s website chat feature
  • Information provided by the user in connection with delivery of Solteq’s products and services and arising from the use of Solteq’s products and services
  • Information from Solteq’s subcontractors and suppliers that provide products or services to the user’s organisation
  • In this document, Solteq products and services may also include products and services of group companies and their suppliers

7. Statutory disclosure of data

  • Data will be disclosed to the following entities for the following purposes:
    • To a client company or organisation or prospect that the user represents
    • To a Solteq subcontractor or principal (such as IT service provider, software provider or supplier, or Solteq group company) to facilitate delivery and development of products and services offered by Solteq
    • To Solteq group companies for marketing purposes
  • The types of data to be disclosed are the types of data referred to in section 5
  • Information will be disclosed via encrypted data connections, email or other electronic format
  • In this document, Solteq products and services may also include products and services of group companies and their suppliers

8. Data transfer outside the EEA

Solteq will not transfer information in the register beyond the European Economic Area (EEA).

9. Cookies

  • Solteq’s websites use cookies. The website sends a cookie to a user’s browser – a small file that is saved on the computer’s hard drive. The site uses both (temporary) session ID cookies that close when the user’s Internet browser is closed, as well as permanent cookies, which are saved on the computer hard drive. The purpose of cookies is to improve user experience on the website. Cookies also give Solteq the opportunity to track and study subjects that are of interest to the user and to enhance its websites, focus marketing and develop products and services. Most Internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but users may modify their browser settings to disable cookies if they wish. Blocking or disabling the cookies may affect the functionality of the websites.
  • Advertising cookies help Solteq to select what it believes are the most appropriate ads for users. They may also prevent the same advertisements from being repeatedly displayed. Some third parties, including Google, may also use cookies or web trackers (a one-pixel image file) to display certain ads when a user visits different websites. The information gathered with the help of cookies and web trackers does not provide Solteq or its partner companies with user names, contact information or other personal data. Third-party advertisers may also use technology that measures the effectiveness of advertisements. For this purpose, they may use trackers (a one-pixel GIF file) that are placed on a website to gather anonymous data. With the anonymous data that is gathered from a user’s visit to these and other websites, advertisers can design personalised ads about products and services for the user. The data that is collected is anonymous and none of the actions performed online can be linked to specific individuals.

10. Data protection principles and procedures

The following procedures and principles will be used to protect personal data:

  • Locks at premises used by Solteq and its subcontractors
  • Electrical surveillance of equipment and premises used by Solteq and its subcontractors
  • Solteq and its subcontractors will use data network firewalls, anti-virus and junk mail filter systems as well as other software and equipment to protect computer network data security
  • Solteq staff expertise
  • Solteq staff training
  • The register’s personal data content will be stored electronically, except for short-term exceptional circumstances
  • Solteq’s policies and regulations relating to personal data