Enterprise resource planning

We draw on our experience of more than thirty years to deliver enterprise resource planning solutions that enhance your business.

We take industry-specific characteristics into account

Our dynamic and flexible ERP services offer companies systems that combine functions such as production, distribution, inventory control, invoicing and accounting. Our systems also accommodate the special characteristics of various industries.

We support your evolving business operations

Business growth and operational changes are often hindered by inadequate enterprise resource planning systems. In addition, a constantly changing operating environment introduces more requirements for back-end systems. Solteq’s modern ERP solutions support your evolving business operations by ensuring operational reliability, efficient data transfer and seamless customer experience.

Decades of experience on providing solutions for small and large companies

Our customer offering includes products from our co-operation partners (SAP, NAV & Symphony RetailAI), our own products (CD) and customised solutions. Our strengths include more than thirty years of experience and the ability to deliver systems to small and large companies.


Mikko Roininen

Sales Manager

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