Supply chain management & optimisation

We provide your company with resource and cost saving opportunities with an optimised and automated supply chain.


We forecast the needs of your supply chain and identify deficiencies

Too many companies in various industries do not have the resources, means and tools required for supply chain optimisation. Solteq can forecast the needs of your supply chain and identify any deficiencies. Our development suggestions can help you obtain clear cost savings.

Comprehensive service and analysis solutions

In the past, we have, among other things, carried out various analyses related to freeing up working capital, created estimate-based inventory control and resource planning solutions and automated the order functions of various companies. We also offer extensive service solutions in all these areas.

Strong industry experience combined with system knowledge

Our supply chain management experts have decades of experience, for example from electronics and food industries as well as from the development of the supply chains in wholesale trade and commerce. They also have clear proof of the achieved results. Our industry experience combines an understanding of your company’s system architecture and its importance for managing the entire process.