Marketing services

We simplify your marketing by developing customer acquisition, strengthening brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

Social media

We utilise social media and the possibilities it provides to influence your customers throughout the buying process. We take accountability for results and can implement a wide range of measures from awareness improvement to conversion and all the way to customer relationship marketing.

Programmatic buying

Programmatic buying, or RTB, improves the efficiency of display and video advertising buying – from ad screens to attracting the targeted audiences. When creating audiences, we utilise data in various ways while complying with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We implement advertising in a completely transparent manner.

Search engine marketing

With search engine marketing, we make your products and services available to your customers when they show interest towards your offering.

Conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation enables us to continuously improve the functioning of your online processes while taking your customers into account. We will actively look for better alternatives, for example by testing the content of your website or by analysing your customers’ actions on your site.

Marketing automation

We use marketing automation to enhance and automate your recurring marketing processes. We enable customers’ life cycle management and improve customer experience at all touchpoints


When reviewing the measures that we take to improve the profitability of your operations, we always apply the most critical performance indicators. Successful targeting of advertising helps improve the ROI for your marketing.

Loyalty programmes

We help you to build customer programmes that generate value to both you and your customers. Solteq Loyalty is an easy-to-use fixed-price SaaS service, which collects customer information from various sources into one place.


Tapio Pulkkinen

Account Manager