LS Retail whitepaper

    8 tips to deliver a superior eCommerce experience

    Happy illustrated shopper holding mobile with eCommerce website on the screen

    Consumer behavior is moving extremely fast

    – and many retailers are finding themselves unable to keep up. Online shopping had been rising in popularity for years, but its exponential growth during the Covid pandemic has left many retailers struggling.

    But consumers aren’t waiting for retailers to get their act together. If there are issues – or even simply friction - in the online journey, you may not get a second chance. With so many other retailers offering similar products, consumers will just shop with someone who offers a better experience.

    There’s no time to waste. To keep customers loyal, you need to offer smooth shopping journeys on all your channels, and offer timely, clear information and support throughout the shopping journey.

    Now you can look into eight areas retailers should focus on to offer more satisfactory online shopping experiences:

    1. Say the important information up front
    2. Show product availability
    3. Make up for the lack of physical cues
    4. Prioritize mobile shopping
    5. Simplify navigation
    6. Tie the online and offline experience
    7. Offer flexible delivery options
    8. Build resilience in your supply chain

    This whitepaper opens up those eight focus areas for more satisfactory online shopping experience.