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Today’s checkouts can be mobile and may contain information about product ranges, customers, campaigns and prices.

The modern POS is much more than a fixed cash collection point

Today’s checkouts can be mobile and may contain information about product ranges, customers, campaigns and prices. They offer a whole new dimension of services to customers.

A modern POS increases sales

Digitalisation is all around us. A customer who conducts a mobile search is potentially a lost client if the solutions fail to offer an omnichannel purchase path. The purchase path often begins online, but the local store plays an important role.

Sales outlets’ fixed payment points are becoming mobile checkouts. Merchants dealing with customers can create powerful service experiences when they have quick and easy access to customer, product and price information. They have customers’ purchase history, customer loyalty data, customer preferences and product information all at their fingertips. Salespersons can update customer data directly into the checkout system, helping to improve the service and customer experience. If a product is not available at a local store, a special order can be placed using the POS system. In this way it’s possible to combine e-commerce services with local stores in one cohesive customer service experience.

Self-service checkouts free up resources

Consumers want to be able to find additional information and explore options, increasing the demand for self-service terminals in sales outlets. Customers can access information such as the entire product range, availability, complementary products, prices and their own purchases. When needed, self-service checkouts can be used as service checkouts to help reduce queues or in cases where a customer requires personal service.

Mobile checkouts can help during peak periods

A mobile solution that includes all checkout functionalities can help salespersons to provide convenient and customer-oriented service. Mobile checkouts can be used to display product ranges and to check availability. They support the entire purchase path from customer service to final payment – and the mobile checkout is always as close to the customer as the nearest salesperson. In this way it’s easier to generate additional sales when the customer browses an outlet, and payments are easily made once products have been selected and the mobile checkout system is ready on the spot.

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