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    Solteq way of modernizing applications

    In case you have anapplication, either mobile or web application that is notwhat you are looking for. It does what it supposed to do, but it is not...

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    Selecting the role of PIM in the system architecture

    PIM is short for Product Information Management. At the outset that could mean all the data about your products, but in practice you want be a bit...

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    You keep track on your corporate physical assets, how about your data?

    You can’t really run your business if you don’t know what you own and where those assets are. There might be stock in the any of your warehouses or...

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    Avoid Showrooming — Close the Deal at the Bricks and Mortar

    The retail sector is experiencing enormous change which makes the future unsure. Many are wondering how to keep their competitiveness and customers...

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    Does your business operations data recount the past or predict the future?

    Many of us have experience in upcoming sales meetings, executive team meetings, board meetings or other similar situations where we are expected to...

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