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    Thoughts and inspiration from our experts

    Supplier's Nr. 1 Duty Is To Empower Business

    We often remind our customers that the moment of deploying any digital commerce solution should not be perceived as the end, but rather as the ...

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    B2B Moved Top Of The Digital Agenda – Are You Ready?

    When browsing the research and blog content of major industry analysts such as Forrester, McKinsey, Gartner etc. there are few topics this year that...

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    Can ERP systems and agility be brought up in the same sentence?

    Especially within IT, everything in today’s world should be agile, even the traditional ERP. A company’s IT department is easily squeezed between the...

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    Outsourcing experts – a risk or an investment?

    During the past year, I have encountered a lot of discussion about how much of a company’s core operations is safe to outsource. Many people are...

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    A sales-driven B2B e-commerce site goes beyond technology

    When implementing a B2B e-commerce solution, businesses need to take many factors into consideration. Often elements in the territory between...

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