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    03.03.2017 — 4 min read

    Magento expansion: Customer defines your future playing field

    The trade sector is undergoing a major transformation in which business must be viewed from the perspective of a seamless customer experience. Constantly. This rationale is behind expansion of our services with a Magento solution.

    Currently a seamless customer experience must guide a company’s all operations and processes. It is a customer-centric omnichannel world. Keeping brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce sites separate is no longer an option. Business must present a unified appearance to accommodate customers in all channels. Everything must work in unison.

    What company wouldn’t want to respond perfectly to a customer’s needs? Recently, we have spent a great deal of time considering what the ongoing upheaval means for our customers’ businesses, their clients and for our own operations.

    Operating as a ‘one-stop shop’ for our large global customers, we provide e-commerce solutions, business back-end systems, digital-marketing and design services. From the perspective of deployment, compatibility and overall benefits of omnichannel solutions, this business model knows no limits.


    Why Magento?

    Unfortunately, there has been a lack of corresponding solutions for medium-sized businesses. Therefore, we decided to roll up our sleeves and develop a similar offering for companies aspiring to increase the role of their e-commerce services as they grow their business. Thus, Magento.

    We harnessed the Magento e-commerce solution as part of our service portfolio. An absolute advantage is its scalability to meet both the needs of companies of varying sizes and the changing circumstances of growing businesses.

    However, an online store alone cannot be called a digital business. An e-commerce solution must also operate in sync with a company’s other systems. Plus, services to help customers and guide them forward in other channels are also required.

    Magento meets these requirements. Consequently, we intend to provide services, such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing services, in the same service package. In addition to customer-specific tailored integrations, we will create off-the-shelf integrations with other Solteq commerce solutions.


    Future competitiveness

    We give very high priority to tackling this in a big way. We want to ensure our customers emerge as winners in today’s increasingly intense competition and to make life easier for end users. In addition to this comprehensive vision of commerce, we have also invested in top talent. At the end of 2016, our purchase of Pardco brought the required expertise and experience to our ranks to implement Magento’s customer-specific solutions.

    However, to create success stories, both our team and our customers must have a genuine desire and drive to prosper. With this attitude, we will certainly find more-than-suitable methods to respond to customers’ ever-changing expectations. After all, technology is just a tool to be adapted to meet human needs and demands. The playing field of the future is presently being formed in the minds of the customers.


    On Magento’s trail?

    If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution for your business, Magento could be exactly what you need. Contact us to talk more about the solution’s possibilities and the potential of e-commerce.

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