Solutions for restaurants and hotels

Cash register and ERP solutions that support restaurant, hotel and leisure centre businesses and develop customer service.

Tough requirements and a challenging market situation require more efficient operations

Consumers have more leisure time, and the expectations related to it have changed: they want adventures, entertainment and unique service experiences. A versatile cash register and ERP system provide new possibilities to serve customers in shops and online throughout the entire sales process.


A modern system makes daily routines easier

A cash register system that makes the staff’s work easier helps improve customer service and increase sales, for example by making recommendations based on purchases. A modern system with integrated work shift planning makes the daily routines in a restaurant easier. Good ERP can enhance operations, increase margins and reduce waste. Smaller companies can also use the system to operate several branches and to function as a restaurant chain.


Strong industry experience

We have years of experience from the restaurant sector, and our solutions are based on technologies that are internationally well-known. We offer our customers all services from the delivery phase to the end of the system’s life cycle. One of our strengths is our customer support that has long service hours, providing customer service in the Nordics and in the local language.


Mikko Roininen

Sales Manager

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