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Break boundaries and grow in the company of top professionals

We are constantly seeking new talent who can use technology to help solve challenges faced by large Nordic companies.

As a member of the Solteq team, you will work alongside top professionals on intriguing projects for retail, service, and logistics sectors.

We offer you the stability inherent in a large traditional company, an agile developing work culture and a great bunch of co-workers. Solteq has been built on its employees’ terms, and we strive to outdo ourselves time and again as we serve our clients.

What’s a Solteqian like?

Versatile technical expertise is a fundamental skill among Solteqians. Other characteristics include the ability to troubleshoot, strong social skills, desire to learn and courage to try new things. Check out our developers thoughts in their own blog.

We don’t aim for quick wins; we prefer to achieve our goals through persistent effort. Motivated by the quality of our work and constructive feedback from satisfied customers, we genuinely want to help our colleagues and our customers. Our attitude ensures that we enjoy long-term customer relations. Our clients trust us and often give us free rein to solve their problems or respond to their questions about development ideas.


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Five reasons to work at Solteq

1. Ability to influence your own work

As a professional you know best how to do your work and how to evolve. You are mostly free to work in your own way and remote work is common at our company. Flexible working hours make it possible to adapt family life and leisure time activities to the demands of work.

2. We want you to develop

You have the opportunity to develop your skills and to influence your role in the company. Solteq offers a range of very different tasks and areas of expertise. As we expand our operations, it is important that our professionals also grow and evolve. This allows us to provide our clients with new solutions and to offer our staff fresh challenges.

3. An open and flat organisational culture

In our open and flat organisation culture, speaking directly is our modus operandi: we ask for opinions and we discuss a lot. If you are irritated, you are free to say so out loud. If you are amused, we laugh together. Everyone feels free to ask for and receive help from anyone. People are easy to approach – including top management. Many of us get together in our free time.

4. We encourage people to relax and feel good

Our employees’ wellbeing is important to us. It’s more than just talk: we invest a great deal of time and money in job satisfaction. Comprehensive employee benefits, flexible working hours and an inspiring working environment all develop through continuous experimentation with everyday working life. We encourage you to take care of your health, engage in hobbies, exercise and explore new activities during your leisure time.

5. Go international with us

Our operations are internationalising rapidly. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent for the international arena, especially the Nordics. Apart from Finland’s largest cities, we have offices in Sweden and Poland.


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